About Stand-In

Stand-In was founded 1993. Our first software product was released in 1994, an invoicing application. After a stunning succes (exactly one paying customer), we decided to focus on other things, like actually getting revenue (consulting in other words). Fast forward to 2000. This year we reached a preliminary agreement with the owners of Lorensbergs Communication AB (LCAB) to aquire a 10 percent stake in that company. (The deal was finalized in 2001.) As a result of that involvement, our own software and IT consulting resources were transfered to LCAB. Early 2004 we decided to part ways with LCAB.

Our goal is to establish a new line of software to support photo archiving.

Contact us

Stand-In Askim AB
Askims Lillbackaväg 4
S-436 40 ASKIM (Göteborg)
Phone +46 31 724 49 63
Fax -call-
Email info@standin.se

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2006-06-07 Trams in Gothenburg

Our trams of Gothenburg mashup has been improved with a map view (in addition to the satellite view). (I.e. Google added maps to some parts of Sweden.) Find the next departure from your favorite stop

2006-06-03 PMArchiver.com Goes Live!

Check out www.pmarchiver.com , our new site dedicated to PM Archiver!


2005-12-20 English site

Our new website for international visitors has been launched.

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