Exif Vivisector

During the development of PM Archiver we have studied many photos in detail. To make it easier to do that, we developed an in-house program, Exif Vivisector. For internal use only.

Being an internal tool, not all it does not live up to all human interface guidelines. Error handling is less than perfect. But the application works.

Please note that this is a low level tool. Every byte can be viewed. Adding fields is done without any safety net. I guess I'm trying to say: Don't work on originals!

For a limitied time (until 2005-12-31), Vivisector can be downloaded for free (as in beer). Eventually we'll decide if there is enough interest to do a "real" version. If released it will be substantially expanded. We will probably sell such a version as a closed source product.

The current version is Mac only, but any future versions will probably be available for Windows and possibly Linux as well.

Please mail any comments and suggestions to vivisector@standin.se.