1 The Battle of Marathon, B.C. 490 (86 KB)
2 Defeat of the Athenians at Syracuse, B.C. 413 (51 KB)
3 The Battle of Arbela, B.C. 331 (67 KB)
4 The Battle of the Metaurus, B.C. 207(77 KB)
5 Victory of Arminius over the Roman Legions under Varus, A.D. 9 (65 KB)
6 The Battle of Chalons, A.D. 451 (40 KB)
7 The Battle of Tours, A.D. 732 (31 KB)
8 The Battle of Hastings, A.D. 1066 (88 KB)
9 Joan of Arc's Victory over the English at Orleans, A.D. 1429 (51 KB)
10 The Defeat of the Spanish Armada, A.D. 1588 (69 KB)
11 The Battle of Blenheim, A.D. 1704 (60 KB)
12 The Battle of Pultowa, A.D. 1709 (41 KB)
13 Victory of the Americans over Burgoyne at Saratoga, A.D. 1777 (70 KB)
14 The Battle of Valmy, A.D. 1792 (42 KB)
15 The Battle of Waterloo, A.D. 1815 (156 KB)

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Perhaps I should propose some battles of my own which I think changed the world, one way or another. That would be, lets see, about 300 months from now.

-Pierre Sandboge 2004-09-21

21 months later... I'm still approaching the end of this work, albeit slowly. Chapter IV is on-line. It was recovered from a long-since-forgotten back-up CD. Unfortunately, I lost all work already done on chapter XV. (Or maybe not, It may still be available on one of those back-up things, waiting for me to discover it...) Once I get the time, I will redo chapter XV. I have received some mail, most of which I haven't replied to. I appreciate any feedback, but don't expect any response.

-Pierre Sandboge 2000-09-25

I'm finally approaching the end of this work. Don't expect any significant additions before next year though.I have not updated the word document (fifteen.doc), so it still consists of only chapter 1, 12 and 14. I'm might scrap it altogether, but I have not decided that yet. You can send me a note if you want to be notified when I make any changes. (I don't do that very often, so you won't be flooded with mail.)

I would like to stress that I am not the author of 'Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World'. This means that my opinions are NOT expressed in the text, and I will not be the censor of E.S.Creasys book. Rather, the task of putting his writing in the proper context is left to the reader.

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Some time in the future (when all chapters are published), I will proof-read them again, reformat the text and maybe provide the Greek quotes that I have skipped. The reason for this being that I belive it is better to provide low quality text than no text at all, and the time I can spend on making this book available is limited. I also don't know how to make Greek characters available in a platform independant way. Today I´m using Microsoft Word for my own master document, but that is not an ideal solution, as I depend on specific fonts to provide Greek characters. It is also a proprietary system which is why I convert the text to html.
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